Matal Levitating Device.

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We use an electro magnet to make our metal piece levitate we will generate magnetic charge and then remove the charge. We will do it at a very fast speed. This will help the thing to levitate it is describe in detail in other step.


  • 1.a old small transformer(as it is a DIY project).
  • 2.A Transistor PNP will work
  • 3.arduino board .
  • 4.some wires.
  • 5.card board (for making encloser ).
  • 6.effort

Step 1: Making Electromegnet

making an Electromagnet it very easy. Just use a coil to wind on a bolt.500+ turns are okay. I get my coil from a selvage transformer. I just un wind the coil from transformer and wind it on my bolt. you can see the images of making of electro magnet keep it in mind that we have to wind the coil in one direction in only one direction in this way we got a powerful electromagnet.

Step 2: Making a Encloser.

Use card board piece to make an enclose to fit everything. You can use different shapes and colour to make a enclosed structure. you can see photos related to this step. I have also inserted my electromagnet in the card board thing.

Step 3: Electronic System.

The electrical system and connection are shown in systematic jut follow it. We will close and open the transistor very fast with the help of arduino. Them this transistor will magnetize and demagnetize electromagnet very quick

this will make the object go up and down very quickly .but human eye will not able to recognize this effect.

Step 4: Important Note.

we will set the frequency of the electromagnet by using a potentiometer because due to different mass they will have different weight. This device is only for prove of next step is to use some sensor tell the arduino to on and off the electromagnet when needed.

Thanks for reading. I will appreciate if you leave a like. I would like to know if you also make some thing similar and inform me if you have any idea to make this device more useable



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    Reply 1 year ago

    Exacly.i am thinking of using an infrared system to keep the metle in place but i cant get it in my local store so i make it like this.