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This is how to make the BEST match rocket!

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INGERY OR DEATH. (you wont die unless you do somthing really stupid (like pouring gas on it))

So, let's get started!

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Step 1: Supplies!

Here are the things that you will need!

2 heavy duty STRIKE ANYWERE matches (They have a grey tip). (strike on box doesent really work so well)
a box for matches.
a lighter.

Step 2: Make It!

Curl the tinfoil like so. (pic 1)
Stick the matches in just like there. (pic 2)
Then twist it closed! (pic 3)

Step 3: Shoot It!

On the video yes that is me saying OOHPH! in a saprano voice but hey, I did not expect it to work!

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22 Discussions


5 years ago

I just looked at the first photo, and I though "oh god..."


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

This is the reply for the recent one that you posted... I couldent access it...sorry
but you just have to put the flame so it is contacting the tin foil! And no, I don't think you are dumb!


Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

Well the top match flies out in a flurry of flame and goes a fiew feet and drops to the ground. Don't worry I have had one blow up in my face and it dident hurt that bad, see fire doesent hurt if you touch it for less than a second!


Reply 9 years ago on Step 3

Well, you need a match or lighter (i find that lighters work the best) and put the flame onto the tin foil and after about 10-20 seconds it fires!

(The tin foil gets so hot that it lights the matches inside on fire sending the match flying!)

Doctor Freeman

9 years ago on Step 1

um you should put strike anywhere have a gray tip and strike on box matches don't