Matchbox Secret Compartment

Introduction: Matchbox Secret Compartment

This is an instructable for making your own hidden compartment in matchbox, yeah a matchbox is the least suspected thing to hide something in, after all who wants his secret stuff get burned up. So, here you go building your own

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For making an inexpensive hidden compartment in a matchbox, you will need :
1. A matchbox
2. A pair of scissors
3. A pencil
4. A piece of paper (a thick one)

Step 2: Making the Compartment

Now that you have your supplies you will need to make the compartment for the matchbox,
To do so you have to take the inner box of the matchbox and trace an out line of it on the paper you have.
After drawing the outlines, draw about a little less than half a centimeter stripes on the two parallel sides of the outline you made (see pictures).

Step 3: Cutting the Compartment

After you have done drawing the compartment, its time to cut it out, make sure you dont cut the stripes (flaps).
After you have cut it, move your scissor on the lines with ggentle pressure so as to make the flaps fold in easier,
now fold the flips inside you are good to go.

Step 4: Test Fitting

Now test fit the compartment in your matchbox, if it does'nt fit (it won't) trim out the sides a little bit until it fits snugly.
After you made compartment fit into the box take it out and cut two little slots on one side of the compartment and fold the paper up towards yourself for easy lifting of the compartment ( you can skip this!!). Now test fit it again.

Step 5: Put in Your Secret Stuff

Now put anything you want inthe matchbox, and cover it with the compartment you just made, and fill the box with the matches and close it.

Step 6: Finish!!

You just made yourself an inexpensive secret compartment where you can hide your secret stuff, like a spy LOL.....

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea, but someone entered one like this earlier than you for the compartment contest.