Matching Bracelet and Earrings



Introduction: Matching Bracelet and Earrings

The following instructable will explain each step needed to create a matching bracelet and pair of earrings. This is a fun project that is easy to complete and only requires one person. Not only are the earrings and bracelet simple to create, but there are many possibilities for creating a unique set.

Table of Contents

Intro:  Bracelet and Earrings

Step 1:  What you will need

Step 2:  What you will need for the bracelet

Step 3:  Cut string

Step 4:  Tie knot on the string

Step 5:  Place beads on the string

Step 6:  Tie ends of string together

Step 7:  What you will need for the earrings

Step 8:  Place beads on wire and bend it

Step 9:  Put links on the wire and to bend it closed

Step 10:  Place links around the earring piece

Step 11:  Place hooks on the links

Step 12:  Put the Earring Together

Step 13:  Final Products

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Step 1: Identify Needed Materials for Bracelet and Earrings

1. Beads
2. Metal links (two small chains each consisting of seven links)
3. Two wires that each have a larger bottom for a bead to set on
4. Two earring hooks
5. String (preferably elastic)
6. Scissors
7. Jewelry pliers

Any of these supplies are at local retail stores or craft stores. When I bought the links, they came in long chains so I had to cut them with scissors to get the proper length. The best type of string to use for the bracelet is elastic string because it will be less likely to come apart once tied.

Step 2: What You Will Need for the Bracelet

1. String
2. Beads (Leave two of the small round, blue beads for the earrings along with the 2 large, white open circle beads).
3. Scissors

Step 3: Starting the Bracelet

The first step in making a bracelet is to cut the string with the scissors to the needed length for the wrist that will wear it. Make sure that when the string is cut, it is about an inch longer that what it needs to be for the size of the actual bracelet. For example, if the wrist requires a five-inch long string, cut it at six inches. This will allow room to tie knots on the bracelet. (The length will determine how many beads are needed as well).

Step 4: Tie the First Knot on the String

Tie a double knot on one end of the string, making sure to leave 1-2 centimeters of string on the end. This knot will allow the beads to be on the string without them falling off.

Step 5: Add Beads to the String

Now you can add the beads to the string. There are many possibilities to create unique jewelry using different beads and charms. Again, add on all of the beads except the ones needed for the earrings (two small, round blue beads and two large, white open circle beads).

Step 6: Complete the Bracelet

Once all of the beads are on the string, there should be about two or three centimeters of extra string left. This extra amount will allow room to tie the bracelet together. It is important to tie the bracelet together with at least a double knot; three is best. Pull the knots very tight to ensure that the bracelet will not come apart. Once the knots are tight, trim the extra string to a shorter length.

Step 7: What You Will Need for the Earrings

1. Two earring hooks
2. Two small, round beads
3. Two large, open circle beads
4. Metal links (two small chains each consisting of seven links)
5. Two wires that each have a larger bottom for a bead to set on
6. Jewelry Pliers
7. Scissors

Step 8: Starting the Earrings

Place one of the small round beads on the end of one of the wires. Then cut the wire with the scissors to a length of about 3/4 of a centimeter above the bead.

Using the jewelry pliers, bend the top of the wire into a partial loop shape. This means that the hook is not closed all of the way yet.

Step 9: Add the Chain of Links

Now that the wire is in a loop shape, place one of the chains onto the loop. The loop should go through the chain at the center link. Close the loop all of the way with the jewelry pliers so the links do not fall off it.

Step 10: Put the Earring Together

Place the chain and bead around the large, white open circle bead so that they are one piece. With the pliers, open the bottom loop on an earring hook so that each end link on the chain will fit on it. Now close the loop back up with the pliers.

Repeat these same steps to make the other earring.

Step 11: You Are Finished!!

Now you have a new bracelet and pair of earrings! Make sure that the knots on the bracelet are tight and the hooks on the earrings are closed.

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