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You live in a small house?Do not have space to store big things that you make?
Then this is the perfect instructable for you.
I will show you how to make a castle out of matchsticks
Materials required
1-Lots of matchsticks(about 400)
2-strong glue or glue gun
3-working space

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Step 1: Preparing the Matches for the Project

Take upto 200 matches and cut them into half( we will be only using the bottom cut pieces of the matches almost everywhere)

Step 2: Making the Living Towers

Put 3 matches on the ground as shown on picture 1 then put three mor matches on top as shown on picture 2 .

Step 3: Making the Tops

Take many matchsticks and stick them on top to cover the top completely
Then trim the edges to make a hexagonal shape.

Step 4: Making the Castle's Living Quarters

Keep adding layers of matchsticks as shown in step 2 until they reach a height upto 5 cm(max) then make 6 of them and stick them together as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Completing the Castle

Make another tower almost twice as big as the other 6 towers you just made. Then glue it in the centre.

Step 6: Preparing the Materials for Making the Base

Burn upto 300 matches.Light the match and then blow it off to make only the tip of the match black.

Step 7: Making the Base

Take 12 or more match boxes and stick them together with tape as shown in the picture
IMP-make sure your castle fits on the matchboxes as shown in picture 5.

Step 8: Completing the Base

Then keep adding matches on the top of the matchbox base and on the sides but not on the bottom.then you take a piece of paper and cover the bottom with it and you can write your name on the back of the castle.

Step 9: Making the Door

Take 3-5 matches and make a door of any kind you like.

Step 10: Finishing Steps 4-9

Then stick your castle on the base and stick the door on the castle.

Step 11: Making the Defencive Towers

Take 2 matches (with its nobs cut off and place them as shown in picture no1
Then take 2 more and place them and glue them as shown in picture no2 .

Then stick them on the 4 edges of your base(These will be the defensive towers for your castle.

Step 12: Completing Steps 10 and 11

Keep adding more layers of matchstick to make the towers upto 4 cms

Step 13: Making the Sniper Tower

Take some matches and cut their heads of and glue them on the main living tower of your castle and place them upwards(with the flaming part upwards) and then take a few matches and stick them on the top and trim the edges to make a circular shape

After all this your result should look like the picture.

Step 14: Making the Fencing

take 2 matches and cut their heads off then take 2 matches and cut them into small pieces as shown in picture 2(bottom part of picture 2).

Then stick them together as shown in picture 3
Make 12 sets of these as shown in picture 1

Step 15: Finishing the Project

Then  take your fence and attach them around the base as shown in the pictures.

And you are done
Best of luck on making your own matchstick castle.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to but burning all that effort and time that I put into it....I don't think I will burn it.
    Unless I get many people asking for me to burn it then I will shoot a video of it burning and post it in


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Please do it! If you still have it of course. I once made a very minuscule version of this, with one aim: to burn it. I wasn't allowed though :'(