How to Shoot a Basktball



Materials Needed: Good gripped basketball
Basketball Net that is 10 feet high

Step 1: Footwork

Place your feet shoulder width apart so you have good balance.

Step 2: More Footwork

Place your dominant foot slightly in front of your other foot.

Step 3: Hand Position

Take the basketball and place your dominant hand in the middle of the ball in a way that you could hold the ball above your head only with one hand.

Step 4: Guide Hand

Place you other hand on the side of the ball and your dominant hand to act as a guide for the shot as it gently rests on the side of the ball.

Step 5: Shooting Hand Position

Raise the ball to eye level. You should be able to see the basketball net in-between your palm. The elbow on your dominant arm needs to be parallel to the ground and bent to hold the ball up.

Step 6: Getting Ready to Jump

Bend your knees slightly, maintaining the position of your feet at shoulder width apart and keep your dominant foot slightly forward than your other foot.

Step 7: Shooting

Straighten your legs back to a standing position while doing these things with your hands.

• Drive your dominant hand towards the basketball net by extending at the elbow while remembering to rest the ball on the dominant/shooting hand’s fingertips.

• Roll (Flick) your wrist forward until your fingertips are pointing at the ground when your elbow is fully extended. This gives the ball extra momentum and guidance for a better chance of the ball going in.

Step 8: Practise

Continue to practice and complete steps until you have reached your comfortable desired skill level.

This is how it should look like when you shoot. (Putting It Together)



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    6 years ago on Step 8

    This is so helpful!!!!