How to Make a Paracord Monkey Fist





Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Monkey Fist

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First start off by getting 5 feet of paracord, a small sphere object, scissors, and a lighter. In this case, I will be using a marble and neon turquoise paracord.

Step 1: Start

First, take your lighter and melt the ends of your 5 foot paracord. (So that the inner string will not become undone. Second put the spherical object between 2 fingers like so.

Step 2: Next

Now we will take one end of the paracord and let it dangle a couple of inches from your hand. Next we will wrap the paracord around your two fingers until it covers the width of the sphere

Step 3: Next

Now we will take the longer paracord strand and wrap It once beneath your lower finger. Next take that strand and put it between your two fingers. Now, wrap the cord horizontally until you achieve to the height of the sphere.

Step 4: Next

Now we can take out our finger from the loops. now take your strand of Pcord and insert it through the top loops and then the bottom loops. Repeat this until it fulfills the length of the sphere.(also you know when to stop by telling that all sides of the "monkey fist" have the same amount of paracord going through it) In the end of this step, you monkey fist should look something like this.

Step 5: Getting Out the Slack

You're almost done! But the sad knews is that this is the trickiest part! First we start with the loop that is connected to the smaller string. (This is hard to explain so bear with me). So the opposite loop of the loop that is connected to the string, pull that opposite loop to take out the slack out of the first loop. You will repeat this and every time you pull the slack out of a loop, you go to its opposite loop and pull it on the one side. If you do this correctly and do not go backwards, you should end up at the end of the paracord. Usually I do a second round and pull in all of the string like so in the picture. After that, do a whole other round of taking out the slack. When you pull out the the slack your ball should be very tight. You have finished! Now do whatever you would like to do with it!

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4 years ago

Cool! Great job

I did it - only took me about 5 minutes. EXCELLENT INSTRUCTIONS!!


4 years ago

Wow thanks :D

I like your instructions, very clear and simple. I always check multiple items as I have found sometimes things are over-complicated. Great Job with GREAT easy to follow instructions. Going to give it a go.

Many thanks for the post! thanks to you I've made my first monkey fist! You're instructions were clear and concise! (which was good for me considering what a doofus I can be!) Now to find larger marbles!


5 years ago

Hey thx for the advice. FYI this is my first instructable so I'm getting better!

Nice write-up.

I love the look of the Monkey's Fist, but, as you say, step 5 is a PITA, especially if you are trying to tie it at one end of a long cord.

PS You ought to use a "finished" shot as your first image.

PPS If you hit the "reply" button, folk will get a message to say you replied to their comment.


5 years ago

Sure buddy! Just gimme some time to put it on ther. Glad to help thx for liking

I'm very interested in learning how to make the paracord bracelet in your profile picture- could you please make an instructable or tell me where to find instructions? Thanks! The monkey ball looks really cool, can't wait to try it!