Skateboarder Papercraft

This Instructable will show you how to make an awesome papercraft skateboarder!!

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Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed for This Are:

Copy Paper
Ink In A Printer

Step 2: Website

This website will have three different papercrafts of boy skateboarders. It will also have actual boards, etc. that you can buy:

Step 3: What It Should Look Like

Once you open it, the screen should look what's above.

Step 4: How to Work It

The next thing you have to do is just press one of the people below to get the FREE DOWNLOAD of that skater. Next just cut where it says to cut and glue where it says to glue. 

Hope you guys/girls have fun building these papercrafts!!!    o{-<]:   (that's a skater emoticon) 

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