Matrix Game Console With Arduino for Beginner




Introduction: Matrix Game Console With Arduino for Beginner

This is a very simple Game console powered by an Arduino Microcontroller board. It is a fun project to begin with, and all the components are usually covered within any Arduino beginner pack. The one I will display only has all the basic element of the endless possibilities this type of game console can expand to. I saw someone's project using LED Matrix as the display and I made a version of my own. Hope you enjoy and try it out!

Step 1: Gather Components

Here is a list of all the component I used, but it's not the least as I added some extra features to make it more playable:

Arduino MEGA 2560 Board

--- does not have to an "Arduino Branded" "MEGA 2560", any board with enough pins will do. (at least 4 pins with shift register, or 16 without it)

Matrix LED display

2 * shift register

--- the one I am using is 74HC595. DON'T have to use shift register to control the Matrix. 16 resisters and pins will do the same. However, less wires and resisters are required with them, and shift register is fun to handle.

Potential meter

wires, at least 38 = 15(shift register pins) * 2 + 3 (2 for SH & ST, one for DE )+ 2 ( positve and negative) + 3 (potenital) with shift registers

EXTRAS to add some favors:

LEDs, push buttons, buzzler

Step 2: Top Down Design

There is almost all you need to know to tink with Matrix and Shift Register:

The idea is:

Using Potential meter to control the movement of a imaginary board (that three LEDs) to keep the ball (jumping one LED) from falling. Every time ball falls, player loses a life from the initial three life. After game over, user can push a button to start over.

Therefore, there are mainly three parts in the program: 1. using the analog input from potenital meter to control the imaginary board, 2. let the ball jump around and count lifes, and 3. somehow give LED Matrix the input.

Step 3: Code and Wiring

Thank you for viewing!

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    4 years ago

    Could I have the code for with out shift registers ?


    4 years ago

    send me the code without any shift register

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    Fun DIY game. These kinds of projects are a great way to get kids started in Arduino.