Matrix Led X4 MAX7219 + ESP8266 12E + Sensor DS18b20 (Temperature)

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In this opportunity we will perform a fast test to a matrix led with the integrated MAX7219 with module ESP8266 and so that it is not very simple we will read the temperature of a sensor DS18B20.
In future tutorials we will integrate it to other platforms such as Google spreadsheet, emoncms, node-red, cayenne, ubidots

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Step 1: Materials Very Cheaps!!

Step 2: Tutorial : Matrix Led MAX7219 + ESP8266 + Sensor DS18b20 (Temperature)

4 Matrix Led MAX7219 + ESP8266 + Sensor DS18b20 (Temperature)

Step 3: ​Connections

Connections - Conexiones

Download Arduino IDE code - Descarga codigo Arduino IDE

Step 4: Aplicactions: Power Meter Chint DDS666 Simple Phase 3200imp/kwh + ESP8266 12E

We will return to an interesting project,

Measurement electric consumption with Chint DDS666 meter Monophase with pulse output and we will integrate with Module ESP8266 and we will visualize the instantaneous active power in aMatrix led x4 MAX7912

PDAControl Tutorial in English :

PDAControl Tutorial en Español :

Step 5: Power Meter PZEM 004 Peacefair + Arduino & ESP8266

Power Meter PZEM 004 Peacefair + Arduino & ESP8266

Review, Characterization and Testing of electric consumption meter

PZEM-004 of Peacefair Serial communication with Arduino Nano & Module ESP8266 + Matrix led x4 MAX7912.

PDAControl Tutorial English :

PDAControl Tutorial Español :

Step 6: ​Conclusions & More Tests

Conclusions & More tests

For a long time I wanted to test these LED arrays, and it can be denoted that they are perfect for projects that require visualization, simple configuration, good price.

We will use it in a variety of projects such as:

Power Meter Chint DDS666 Simple Phase 3200imp / kwh + ESP8266 12E

Electricity consumption meter Peacefair PZEM 004 + ESP8266 & Arduino Nano

More info PDAControl:

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