Matrix Notepad Program

Introduction: Matrix Notepad Program

Welcome to this instructable where I will show you how to make your very own matrix program!

Step 1: Notepad

This is the most complicated step: open notepad! If you succeeded in this step than you will have no problem with this instructable:-)

Step 2: Let's Start

When you use notepad to create a program you always have to start with @echo off.

Step 3: Group

:START means that everything that comes after this piece of coding will be included in the group START. You can mark the end of a group by a few pieces of coding (one of which I will show you in this instructable).

Step 4: Title

Sorry, no photo for this one, but it is really easy. Just type in: title MATRIX. You can change the title to your likeness of course:-)

Step 5: The Colour

Of course any matrix text should be green! The code will only work if you spell it the American way, so it's color. If you're English...... sorry:-( The 0 is black and 2 is green. The first number is for the background and the second one is for the text.

Step 6: The Matrix

When you want to display text on your program you always have to start with the code echo. This will not show up in the program but what comes after that does. %random% place 6 random numbers on the screen. I put %random% 9 times because it looks nice. Of course you can change this to your taste.

Step 7: Repeat

This last part of the code is goto START. As you might have figured it means: go to the class called START. This piece of code makes the whole thing repeat until you close your program.

Step 8: The Important Part

Now for the saving. You can save your program anywhere, as anything you like, but make sure that you end it with .bat

Step 9: Finished!

Double click on your program and (if everything went well) you will get the MATRIX!!!!!!! Anyway, thank you for reading/watching/looking at/VOTING:-) for this instructable. Feel free to leave comment and of course: don't forget to vote:-)

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7 Discussions

>>go to the class called START

Way back in the early 80's, things weren't "object oriented".


Is called a "label", not a "group" or "class".

While everyone derides the use of "goto" today, there was a time when it was the only game in town.

Alpha 23
Alpha 23

Reply 5 years ago

I put mine up before yours, but something went wrong and after 2 days it got deleted or something. In the time that mine was gone, you put yours up. Now I have re-entered it.

Alpha 23
Alpha 23

Reply 5 years ago

Sorry, that probably didn't sound very nice. Anyway, know didn't copy yours. I got the idea from somewhere else.


5 years ago

Very cool! Keep up the good work!


5 years ago on Introduction

Code to add:
TITLE Matrix

(add it on it's own line before :START and after @echo off)