Matte-tastic Manicure!




Turn a plain old one coloured manicure into an eye-catching masterpiece!
Matte polishes are great, but a matte top coat can transform your collection
of nail polishes! It gives any polish a frosty, shimmer-free finish!

Step 1:

Clean, file and buff your nails. Apply a vitamin-enriched base coat. Apply your chosen colour as usual- apply as many coats necessary to achieve an opaque finish. After your final coat, apply a quick dry topcoat.

Step 2:

When your colour has dried completely, grab a piece of scotch tape, and stick it to the palm of your hand a couple of times
to reduce stickiness. This step will prevent the tape from leaving nasty gooky leftovers on your manicure.

Step 3:

Section off the tip of your nail with the scotch tape. Ensure that the tape is straight, and secured to the nail. Apply the matte top coat to the exposed nail. Allow a second or two for the matte coat to dry a little, and remove the tape carefully. Repeat this process nail-by-nail.

Step 4:

Marvel at your lovely DIY manicure!!

(That weird residue where matte meets glossy? Flakes off in a matter of hours. I think it's from the tape)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, ok, so much simpler than I thought it would be. I've seen this kind of manicure before and I really didn't even consider what a simple technique you've offered up here. Genius! Now to find some matte finish. . .

    1 reply