Introduction: Mauler

Hey everybody, new project!

It's a Mauler pistol, kinda-sorta. I made it as a rush job for cosplay purposes, and decided it might be worth posting.

It's nothing special, just a slide-operated pistol that fires blue rods from a fixed magazine. (The magazine was supposed to be detachable, but it was hard to keep the angular shape. Also if it were detachable you couldn't hit people with it, and that's against the spirit of the design.)

That's about it really, it has decent range and accuracy, and a fairly generous magazine. The handle is rather comfortable as well (very nice, considering the gun's weight.)

EDIT: Did some tinkering with the magazine, added a spring-style follower using a flexi-rod instead of a standard band-powered pusher. Pulling on the cogs unsnaps the front of the magazine and hinges it down to facilitate loading. It's a bit more compact when loaded now, but the magazine capacity is reduced by 1.


  • Reinforced slide: bolt carrier no longer swings freely, reduced dead space by 1 blue spacer, slide can handle more tension
  • Reinforced trigger housing/grip: less wobble, fewer cut parts, slide holds tighter in forward position
  • Reinforced slide stop: less play in slide when working action, slide is more comfortable to use, improved front sight
  • Reinforced trigger and magazine guards: magazine guard can be actuated more quickly, hinges no longer free-swinging (magazine guard stays open when opened)
  • Reinforced magazine housing: no longer bulges outward when loaded with new spring follower



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    This thing looks beastly! Are you planning on posting instructions for this and your other K'NEX guns?

    You think so? It's reliable, but really big; not sure how you'd carry it with anything else. Maybe a thigh holster/clip or something.

    Sling, if I use a knex gun and I need to 'put it away' to switch or reload, I sling it ;)

    also if it could accept removeable pre loadable mags it could be a good gun..

    I haven't been active in enteral. I do have a rail gun built it I'm kinda lazy and busy.

    Haha nice gun. Yeah I went to YouTube for a while but lost interest. I should upload soon though.

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    Yeah, we need more builders like you posting if we want to get the community back on track. It's been kind of lifeless as of late.

    Thanks! It's kind of a shame this place is so empty nowadays, I wonder where everyone went.

    Alot of people including myself moved over to youtube. Theres a much larger audience and is a overall better place to show off your creations. Nice gun btw, I really like the handle.