Mauly Clip/paper Binder Skewer Shooter





Introduction: Mauly Clip/paper Binder Skewer Shooter

This wiil shoot shishkabob skewers through 3 layers of cardboard and into wooden doors! Very simple and powerful only 2 parts rubber band and paper binder / mauly clip. Don't shoot at people or animals!

Step 1: Step 1

Wrap the rubber band around the handle of the clip 3 times then stretch it over one end of the tube like the pic.

Step 2: Fire!

put the skewer into the opposite end to the rubber band, grab it pull back and release! Blam!



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    12 Discussions

    Its REALLY simple

    a little too simple

    and what's the range anyways ?

    this is very confuseing and could use some better pics and steps. But, this could be a real good instructable with some time and patienes. if u want ill make it and put up better pics but good job

    2 replies