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Introduction: Mauser C96

So I heard from a reputable source that detachable magazines were cool and good.

Therefore: in the pursuit of being cool and good I decided to make something that accepted detachable magazines.

Most of them exploded (RIP Callisto NTG), this one didn't.

It's a Mauser C96 (Or Bergmann-Bayard pistol, take your pick) model: firing grey clips from a detachable 7 round magazine (you could probably go larger, I haven't tried).

The mechanism looks like the one on foofinator's BSW, but I'm not sure how similar they are as I've never built it. (Credit where it may be due, I suppose.)

Range and accuracy are surprisingly good for the small ammo size and short draw length, it averages 40 feet with 4 #32 bands (it likes #32's, if you extended the fake barrel you could probably use #64's just fine.)

There is no magazine lock per se, but the blue connectors on the magazine and magwell, along with the an lock pairs on the barrel track result in a solid lockup, requiring a firm tug to dislodge the magazine.

Unfortunately (like most of my designs) it does require broken parts (something like 8 clipped rods for the gun and 5 per magazine).

Apologies as well for the poor pictures, I'm still trying to determine the optimal mix of brightness and focus with my 6 year-old camera.



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    9 Discussions

    Nice mauser! Very realistic. You should post instructions for this.

    Like Corgi said, it's very clean looking. Great job on getting all those features in a small sized package, while maintaining its looks.

    Actually, the mech is a lot closer to Seleziona's Skorpion v2 then the BSW. The Skorpion mech is much superior to the BSW in that it actually works and doesn't explode with a couple of size #32 bands.

    I really, really like how this replica turned out though, it's a lot cleaner then the few guns that use gear+blue rod much. And I definitely believe the 40 range; the mech shoots much harder then it looks like. You seem to be very good at building pistols, and you got a sub from me.

    I like the broom handle it's very realistic looking! :)

    looks good, there should be a way to make the mags preloadable and have a hammer with a 'fixed' pin instead of this.. :/

    2 replies

    What do you mean preloadable? They are preloadable, unless you mean they need a retaining lock at the top and their own bands.

    I tried that initially, but to make space for the self-contained magazine it compromised the structural integrity of the rail (the striker would escape under too much tension), and required the front end to be massively overbuilt to compensate for the lack of rearward support from the rails.

    Also is there a potential issue you see with the striker-fired system? Not sure why you'd see a hammer as being preferable to it?

    realism mainly, aside from that I personally h a t e railstrikers