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As I've said before, I found myself stuck with a surplus of orphaned Mavericks over the course of our Nerf misadventures. I even got one and eventually reduced it to a single barrel. That was fun and all, but I felt like I could do so much more.

One day I found out that the Titan, a giant rocket launcher-style gun, actually has some rather compact guts for its size. In fact, it turned out they fit somewhat nicely into the envelope of the Maverick. I had already modified the barrel on mine to fire darts, so it was obvious what I had to do.

The main pressure chamber has a small plunger that is tugged back to fire. The easy part is connecting it to the trigger, which I managed to do with some floral wire. The hard part was making sure it could spring back to the closed position.

I must admit this is a kind of lazy job. I thought of making a pair of wooden forms to hold the pressure chamber and pump in place, but then paracord happened. I might try that again later since the cord on the pump interferes with the stock rocket.



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    4 years ago

    Awesome! However, I have no clue when you would use that. Even with just a pvc coupler glued on to a titan, you can easily get/give welts (ask me how I know this). Regardless, I suppose having a compact titan is a lot of fun, too.

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    It's massive fun and safer than it looks. I suppose you COULD pump it 12-16 times like you'd need to propel the stock missile, but that tends to make smaller darts tumble uselessly.


    Cool. Seeing as I have a titan and, as I have mentioned before, and since there is an NIC type nerf war in my area in a month, this may be a viable option.