May the 4th Be With You: Lightsaber Flashlight

Introduction: May the 4th Be With You: Lightsaber Flashlight

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HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!!!! May the 4th be with you!!! To celebrate Star Wars day, I've designed a 3d printable lightsaber to unleash my inner Jedi! And surprisingly, the lightsaber works better than the actual flashlight!!

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Step 1: 3d Print the Needed Parts

The parts I'm uploading are from a lightsaber I designed myself, I would love to see your designs though too!!

Step 2: Lightsaber Assemble!!

Now it is time to assemble your lightsaber, your carefully designed tool of light!! I prefered to use hot glue and it stuck pretty well.

Step 3: Insert the Electronics

Now it is time to insert the "power core, battery, and crystals!!"

Needed materials are...

  1. Power Boost 500
  2. Micro LiPo Charger
  3. 2200mAh Battery
  4. Switch

Instructions for assembly of the mini circuit can be found here! I did include pictures thought the ones provided on the cite are very clear! :)

Step 4: Put the Circuit Into the Lightsaber

Now it is time ti put the circuit into the lightsaber casing. there is just barley enough room to fit the micro usb and the switch through the gap without touching each other.

Step 5: Add the Lights to Your Saber

After dissecting a small flashlight I salvaged the led lights in the front to add onto my lightsaber. The soldering is pretty straight forward, connect the (+) of the leds to the (+) on the circuit and likewise for the (-) terminal. If you went to the adafruit link to find out how to solder the circuit together, in the diagram on the top of the page the terminals are marked with a 6 and a 2. I also used a small piece of aluminum to the circumference of the saber, this will help reflect the light so you can have a stronger, longer beam.

Step 6: Final Pictures

In the end, the lightsaber turned out amazing! It works great and Its a fun build!! I haven't gotten around to painting it yet, so when I get around to it ill add a picture! :)

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