Mayor From Nightmare Before Christmas

How to make the Mayor from Nightmare Before Christmas:

This was the perfect costume for my husband since he was actually mayor this year!

All he had to wear was his suit for the body and a hat.  This is a very comfortable costume.

Step 1: The Head

The head and hat were one piece.

A small hat was purchased and attached to a large lampshade with a nut and bolt (with the smooth bolt toward the head). This allowed the head to spin. A witch hat was hot glued to the top of the lamp shade. A circle was made from a sheet of black foam and glued to the witch hat. A ring of white fabric was glued to the base of the black foam.

Step 2: Mayor's Happy Face

A large slice was cut out for the mouth to form the "smile" on the front, black nylon was stretched and glued over the openings. A mouth was drawn around the cutout. The front half of the lampshade was covered with orange (except for the mouth). Black circles were cut out of black foam and painted with puffy paint then glued on the front for eyes.

Step 3: Angry Face:

A large triangle was cut out of the back for a nose, black nylon was stretched and glued to the back of the opening. Pink circles were cut from foam and decorated with puffy paint, then glued to the back of the head for eyes. Yellow paint was used for the mouth in the back and black puffy paint was used to draw in the teeth.

Step 4: Mayoral Accessories

The Mayor badge was made from a circle of the white foam with an peach colored felt circle glued behind it.  Then two ribbons were cut and glued to the back of the felt.

I made a tie from a strip of white felt tied onto two of the legs of a large spider.



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14 Discussions


Question 6 months ago on Step 1

How do you see?


3 years ago

Ok so I'm try to make this for my husband what material did you use to wrap the lampshade?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

We just painted the orange color on. The other side was already white.


5 years ago on Introduction

i told my dad he should make this and wear it.He's the mayor of the city i live in:)


6 years ago on Introduction

Great job! I love that you worked it so the head can spin. I hope your husband doesn't go around saying, "I'm only an elected official, Jack!"


6 years ago on Introduction

Very cool. I'd love to see a picture of the hat inside the lampshade, but otherwise, I could absolutely recreate it from the steps you described. Well done!

1 reply

Yay! Everything relating to Nightmare Before Christmas is awesome! Especially this! Awesome job putting the costume together!