Maze Game With Joystick

Arduino Uno
Elec Freaks joystick v1.2
these components are required

Step 1: How to Connect the Cables From the Joystick to the Arduino Uno

Please follow as showed in the picture below.
Thats all the physical thing you actually have to do!

Step 2: Dont Forget Your Cable

Its important that you have a bit longer cable than regular so you wont worry about the length later.

Step 3: Time for the Funny Part!

its time for the funny and challenging part

to make the game work , you need to code it but luckily you are able to download all the code that we made for your own enjoyment.

the link to the code is right here ------->>>

Step 4: Connect Your Arduino to the Computer!

Make sure you have connected your Ardduino to you computer through a USB connection.

Step 5: Download StandardFirmata (IMPORTANT)

Its very important that standardfirmata is downloaded and pasted in your library

or else the joystick wont work!

so keep in mind that you need it

Start Firmata from arduino and upload it to your Arduino.

here is the link for StandardFirmata ----->>>>>

Step 6: Try to Start the Game!

Try to start the game and see if it works

if it doesnt work , go back to the earlier steps and check if you have missed something!

Step 7: Enjoy Your Game! (Tutorial)

When all the previous steps are done , you can finally play and enjoy the game

here is a quick video tutorial of the game



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