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Introduction: McDonald's R2D2

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McDonald's are doing a Star Wars promotion on their Happy Meals in the UK.

Now, my boys outgrew Happy Meals years ago, but they had this freebie card model, and who can resist R2D2?  I realise that most people reading this are not in the UK, so I scanned the original* for you to print out yourselves.

Making it is, frankly, easy, but it is made of quite thick card, so the final model is surprisingly sturdy, and satisfying to stand on one's PC.

* This is, probably, a technical breach of copyright, but since I'm leaving in all the corporate imagery, I bet McD don't mind...



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    It's not "not know", it's "not be able" - the template was not available in all countries, and is now not officially available anywhere.

    Can anybody send it me a model to prin for my kids? I live in Argentina and this promo don't come!! :(

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    Just download one of the images I scanned - click the small "i" in the top-left corner of the images to find the larger files.

    Will make, out of boredom. Then i will add it to my host of paper craft characters atop my mirror.

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    This is really cool. I screen captured it with windows note book, printed it, cut it out with xacto and ruler, assembled it and now it proudly sits on my computer. Thank you so much. You turned a 62 year old man into a kid again!

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    awesome, is there a pdf of the scan or... either its great. Could always print out a copy of your cut out template. Thank you, and may the force be with you, even if Lucas isn't

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    > * This is, probably, a technical breach of copyright,
    . No probably about it and it's not very technical. ;)