McDonald's Snack Wrap (Vegetarian!)

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Have you ever tried a Snack Wrap from McDonalds? Have you wanted to try one but didn't because you're a vegetarian? Well, that's how I felt. My boyfriend sometimes gets them whenever he has to go into work and doesn't have time for a good meal. And in retrospect, they're not really un-healthy. All it is is chicken (in my case, vegetarian chik'n), lettuce, a dab of ranch dressing and a sprinkle of cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla. You could go healthier and use a whole wheat wrap instead of a tortilla as well. Yum!

In order to make these, you'll need:
1 Tortilla (I used a small soft taco sized one, but a bigger one will work)
1 MorningStar Farms Chik Patty
Handful of lettuce
Handful of shredded cheese (I prefer sharp cheddar, or a Mexican blend)
1 plop of ranch dressing (I only like a little bit, use more if you want)

I know these are pretty lame ways to measure, but it's really up to your preferences how much you use.

Step 1: How to Make It

First, you need to heat up one of Morning Star Farms chik'n patties. Throw it in the microwave and slap some numbers until it's heated. I heat mine for one minute and fifteen seconds. While that's heating, you can grab a tortilla or a wrap and put the rest of the ingredients inside. After your chik'n patty is done heating, go ahead and slice it into four pieces and place them in your tortilla.

Now you're all done! Pretty easy, right? Serve it with some kind of side and you have yourself a meal! Oh gosh, they are so good. Hope you try them!



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