McLaren P1 DIY Paper-Super-Craft





Introduction: McLaren P1 DIY Paper-Super-Craft

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The McLaren P1 is one of my favorite supercars and now another addition to my expanding automotive papercraft collection. This paper model measures 30" (76cm) long when assembled from 139 parts on 40 pages.



Watch the making of the McLaren P1 Paper-Super-Craft.

See how well this model held up in a collision.


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( Colossians 3:23 - 24 )

Step 1: Instructions



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    14 Discussions

    hey , would you suggest me buying the printed version of the car or buying the PDF version and with the help of my printer print it on the card stock brought from a store ?

    2 replies

    You decide if you want to print it yourself or not and that will be the answer to your question.

    I love this papercraft, but I would love to build a larger version of this car. What paper size do you think I should use and does the PDF have to be scaled accordingly for different size paper

    Wow that is so cool! Sorry if this is answered already but what kind of paper are you using? Your paper looks super rigid and easy to glue. Awesome job!!!

    4 replies

    Thank you. I use white matte finish 110lb cardstock paper, also known as Index stock, which you can buy at any office supply store. I get mine at Office Depot for $15 per 100 sheets.

    u will get the first prize. be fair, this competition is only for amateurs like us and not masters like you

    1) You're assuming I'll win.
    2) I didn't win any papercraft contests I entered in the past.
    3) The contest is open to everyone.