Measuring Tape in Inches

Introduction: Measuring Tape in Inches

There is always a measuring tape in my hand bag, backpack,as well as even in my travelling bag.Any time any where it is needed.Now I need not keep searching for  my one and only plastic  tape  any more, as I have made loads of them and all my bags carry one.It is so easy to have one in each bag....No more searching !! No more changing from bag to bag..

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Step 1: Supplies

A4 Paper
Paper cutter
Small clip on  bag

Step 2:

1. With a Paper cutter it is easy to  cut all the stripes in one measurement.If you don't  have a paper cutter use a scissor.

2. All the strips in one size

I am showing more pictures ,so that you know how easy it is to cut with a paper cutter

4. Paste the two ends.

5.Once you paste all ,it is a long strip.

Step 3:

1.Keep the tape on the  paper strip and mark the points as it is in the measuring tape.

2.Draw the lines and numbers up to 60 as it is in the  measuring tape.


Step 4:

Fold it and insert in to a small clip bag ,so that it does not get crushed.

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