Meatless Flavorful and Spicy Pumpkin Stew




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I love pumpkin stew, it's the best recipe to make with pumpkin especially with particular spices :)

Assemble all ingredients before starting to cook :
+ 6 wedges of pumpkins
+ 2 carrots
+ 2 red chili peppers
+ 1 tin of shopped tomatoes ( 400g )
+ 1 cup of frozen peas
+ 1onion
+ 1 / 2 cup of dried fava beans
+ 1 / 2 cup of lentils
+ 1 / 3 cup of cornoil or colza oil
+ 1 tbs of powdered coriander
+ 1 tbs of hot pepper paste
+ 1 tbs of fine salt
+ 1 / 2 tbs of turmeric
+ 1 / 2 tbs of garam masala
+ 1 / 2 tbs of powdered garlic
+ 2 cardamom pods
+ 2 bay leaves
+ parsley leaves ( optional )

Step 1: Cook Onion

Heat the oil in a large casserole for 1 minute on low - medium flame
Cut the onion into medium pieces ,put it in the casserole and cook for 2-3 minutes until it soft but not browned.

Step 2: Add Tomatoes

Add shopped tomatoes and hot pepper paste, stir very well to combine

Step 3: Seasoning

Add seasoning : salt, powdered coriander, powdered garlic , garam masala, turmeric, cardamom pods and bay leaves .
Stir and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Sort, Wash and Cook Lentils

Sort through the lentils, wash them well, then add them to the sauce ,mix well.

Step 5: Adding Water

When the mixture become thick ( but not stuck in the pan ), add 2 cups of water , mix and simmer for 10 minutes on low-medium flame

Step 6: Preparing the Fava Beans

Sort the dried fava beans thoroughly and wash them several times until their water become clear.
Then add them to the sauce and stir

Step 7: Chickpeas

Therefore add chikpeas, stir , and simmer for 15 minutes over low-medium flame

Step 8: Cut and Cook Carrots

Peel and cut carrots into medium sized rectangles or squares if you want
Add the pieces to the mixture ( thick sauce ), stir well, then let cook for 5 minutes ( covered )

Step 9: More Water

When cooking, the sauce become thicker , so you have to add 2 more cups of water, simmer for 15 minutes

Step 10: Pumpkin

Peel carefully the wedges of pumpkin and cut them into large rectangles or squares
When carrots are 3 / 4 cooked, add pumpkin pieces and simmer for 15 minutes . ( Covered )

Step 11: Chili Peppers

Once the pumpkin is soft, add 2 red chili peppers, cover, and simmer for 5-10 minutes

Step 12: Add Parsley

Shop the parsley finely or as you like
Turn off the heat , add the shopped parsley, mix well then cover and let repose for 5 minutes or until serving

Step 13: Finish and Serve

Serve hot with toasted bread, you can garnish with 2 tbs of olive oil and some olives
Go well with breaded red mullet fish, meatballs, . . .
The smell is irresistible, the colors are attractive and the flavouris addictive :) :) :)



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    3 years ago

    Sounds and looks very delicious! Interested in pumpkin, still havent gotten around to try it. It seems to be hard to find here in Sweden too.

    3 replies

    thanks for your comment, i'm sorry if you didn't find the pumpkin in your country,but you can replace it with eggplant (aubergine) , :) :) :) :)