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This is a crowd-pleasing super fast easy meal chock full of everything but carbs!

Pre-heat oven to 350

Use as big a bar pan/casserole dish as you have; i've oven used the oven's roasting/drip pan.

Use whatever your favorite recipe is as far as making a meat loaf. I keep mine simple, but i aLWAYS make more than i'll need, because this gets gobbled up, and if lucky, any leftovers are great the next day:

2 lb.s quality fresh ground meat - place in bowl

2 eggs mixed in

1 large yellow onion grated into it

Bread crumbs mixed in - optional - i used to do it.

aminos/worcester sauce - optional too.

Massage the meat and shape into loaf; Place in center of pan.

3/4 lb. Bacon - lay the bacon strips on top of the loaf - not overlapping as you don't want any parts raw

Cut your favorite veggies in bite size chunks and sprinkle them around the meatloaf; Suggestions include:

4 Summer Squash (Zucchini is pictured here)

4 Carrots

4 Beets

1 32 oz can of diced or plum tomatoes poured over the veggies

Add dashes of your favorite spices; i use rosemary, cinnamon salt & pepper.

& THAT's IT!

Put in the oven uncovered for 45 mins, or whenever it is that the bacon is browned enough for you.



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