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 I decided to create a robot model of my own design. To do this I used spare parts from other models like airplanes and helicopters and combined them with scrap wood pieces. I used a dremel tool to cut and shape all the parts to fit together. Then I applied the best paintjob I could muster.
  I don't have a step by step tutorial because this project is basically just a demonstration of an idea. The idea is to use various scrap parts to make something. I chose a robot. You could make a vehicle or a prop or just a piece of art to display. What you use and what you make is entirely up to you.

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Wow, this is an impressive model. I have a few broken Gundam and aircraft model kits laying around, so I may try something like this one day. Thanks for the idea!

I wish there were some close up shots so we could admire your wood-to-plastic joining skills.

I had a few questions:

What are the approximate measurements of your Mech? (height, width, etc.)

Is it stationary, or are the parts that can be moved to make different poses?

Would you know the approximate cost of this Mech Model?

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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the compliments. As far as the model goes it is stationary, about 10" tall and probably cost $20.00 to make. For joining the pieces I have two words, hot glue.
The model has been changed since these pics. It is now painted silver and moveable. It's joined together with mostly wood screws so I can modify the pose.