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“Mecha Man”, the mechanized battle upgrade to Capcom’s Mega Man! Built with basic LEGO pieces, Technic parts and a few Bionicle components, I have constructed a fully-articulated action figure that stands at 15”, and has a removable Mega Buster arm attachment.

This was merely intended to be a small throw-away creation I thought of recently, but instead kept piling on pieces until it ballooned into a huge action figure. Initially I was inspired by the recent DC and Marvel articulated LEGO action figures (akin to Hero Factory) to make one in the style of Mega Man, however I then swayed into the direction of Bandai’s Mobile Suit Gundam models to make this custom toy much larger and menacing than the original chibi Mega Man sprite! What was the most difficult part? Creating the head/face. In fact, trying to come up with a suitable head for this project was about as difficult as playing the original Mega Man for NES. Speaking of the head, one of my friends pointed out that his physical description actually looks like something out of Sonic the Hedgehog -- as if Dr. Robotnik himself took a stab at filling in for Dr. Wily!

-Baron von Brunk



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    2 years ago

    It is mega man, not mechs man


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is incredible! It also looks like his blaster is detachable, neat!
    Do you have any build photos, or plans so others can build their own?

    3 replies

    Unfortunately, this particular project was sort of built "organically", as in there was little preparation and kind of just turned out the way it did by trial & error -- hence, I didn't chronicle my building steps nor parts list. That being said, it's much too elaborate to be dismantled and reverse-engineered. However, I'm thinking of making some smaller, simpler LEGO creations with detailed instructions specifically for this Instructables toy contest.

    Still an awesome build, thanks for sharing! We're going to be having a LEGO contest sometime this summer, put on your thinking cap!