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Introduction: Mechanical Pencil Solder Loader

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The Mechanical Pencil Solder Loader, just a cooler way to store/load your solder. Using a 0.7mm mechanical pencil and some 0.7mm solder, this little beautiful thing is made......

So, why would I need something like this? Wouldn't directly using solder from it's spool easier?

Well yeah but who knows? If you are someone who does electronic repairs outside, you wouldn't really want to bring a whole spool with you right? It'll be quite heavy and troublesome to hold them outside. But with the

Mechanical Pencil Solder Loader, you can easily store your solder and use them whenever you like!

In my opinion, this solder loader should go well with the USB Rechargeable Soldering Iron: Solderdoodle Pro!

You could bring both of them easily anywhere and use them whenever you like!

Anyways, this is just a strip(or strips) of 0.7mm solder loaded like pencil leads into a 0.7mm mechanical pencil.

Step 1: Preparing the Solder and the Mechanical Pencil.

Get a 0.7mm mechanical pencil that takes in 0.7mm leads and also a spool of 0.7mm diameter solder.

Then, cut the solder into smaller strips of about 10cm (4 inches). Cut a few so you won't run out of them that soon.

After cutting them into smaller strips straighten them so them can be easily loaded into the mechanical pencil.

Step 2: Load 'em In!

Take your solder 'leads' and load them into the mechanical pencil. After that put the cap back and start pressing to load the solder to the tip.

And now you're ready!

Step 3: Use 'em

To use the solder. Press until a length of solder is loaded out and use them to solder your components.

Step 4: Completed.

So that's the Mechanical Pencil Solder Loader! Thank you for reading this instructable. Have a good day!

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I had a ton of mechanical pencil holders of various sizes and diameters left over from engineering school. What a great use for them!

ugh, i got really excited and tried this out, only to find out my solder is .022" diameter. fantastic idea though.

super idea, thanks for this idea

Those are awful in my experience. At least the cheap ones are (e.g. the Iroda stuff). The solder comes out so tightly wound that it buckles whenever you touch a component.

I use and go through mechanical pencils like crazy. There all I've used, as far as pencils go, for 15 years. I always keep the worn out ones for parts (yeah I'm cheap like that) so this worked out perfectly for my ".9 mm Mechanical Solder dispenser". I filed down the metal tip of the pencil about a 1/32 to get the solder to push through. The solder will not cycle through with the end spool to tight, but the solder is there easy enough. I may cut the pencil and see about a bigger spool compartment. Thanks for the great idea. This will be handy.


That tube doesn't have an automatic push button feed does it? I thought not. Mechanical Pencil - 1

Tube Solder - 0

Of course you can do that but with this you don't really need to pull the solder out of the tube...... You just load them in and use them.....

True that, you only need one hand for dispensing it. Maybe you can find a method with an open back, so you can feed a continuous roll of solder in the back of the pencil.

I think by using a mechanical pencil with side click it is possible. I can leave the back open so I can directly take solder from the spool. I plan to look for a mechanical pencil with metal tip and side click. I'll post some follow up pictures if I can find them.

Brilliant!!!! Hmm... now what else can I fit into a mechanical pencil...

Wouldn't it be better to use a side button pencil than the top button pencil? That would allow you to have a loading cap open and just feed straight from the roll through the pencil.

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lol I was thinking the same thing and on my way to ask if he had thought about that. Though I know he mentions having a small amount to take for outside jobs.

I've thought about using mechanical pencils with side clicks but as of now I do not have one with me... So i just used what I have which is this one...... Once I find a good side click pencil with METAL TIPS I'll post a follow up picture or something.....