Mechanical Pencil Staple Shooter




Introduction: Mechanical Pencil Staple Shooter

Take the cap off of a mechanical pencil, Load the used staple, Aim, And pull back to fire

Step 1: Supplies

bic mechanical pencil( with the button on top not the side)

Step 2: The Cap

Take the black cap off of the tip (This is difficult with bare hands) After that you can dispose of the tip.

Step 3: Load It

Push the button in and move the little gold ring down. Now either staple nothing so the folded staple will fall out or fold the staple with your hands. put one of the folded down ends in between the two plastic thingies sticking out of the pencil when you push the button(put the staple in a little less than half-way)

Step 4: FIRE!!

now aim and pull back the button to fire(be careful because it stings at close range and do not aim at face or eyes)



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    15 Discussions

    I sent my friend to the hospital by shooting him in the eye! (Just Kidding) This is a really cool project by you have to be careful it kinda stings from close range.

    if you want it more destructive, just fold one part of the legs down from the staple and straight the other one

    you need pics this was no help

    seen it on wikihow. This however, beats theirs. much more details.

    Unfold the stapler, hold the main body in your left hand. Then pound the stapler (where you would normally depress to staple) with the fist of your right hand (until the magazine is empty).

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    in almost every year of middle school, all of the students would want to see who had the best firing gun that was also small, powerful, and hardest to be caught with. who would have thought of posting such a brilliant and simple idea? good job at describing it without using pictures.

    LOL purty tight i gotta try it

    yeah lame, finally figured out what the hell was goin on. basically, just pop the cap then put a staple horizontally through the two lead-grips. when you pull, more like depress, the clicker back, then staple "pops" out.

    this is the one my friend used to jam the fan on the teacher's cpu last year (from across the room)

    I'm 13 and i'v never heard of this...pic would be nice because it is a tad bit confusing.

    I remember doing this in 3rd grade across the room. girls vs. boys.

    wow, ummm or you could ask any 4th grader yea ive kinda known this like forever now and its old but i guese if you didnt know you might find this useful

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    some pics would be nice