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Introduction: Mechanical Hand

About: I'm a design engineer.
It is a prototype. I have made in the beginning a hand on the computer in 3d, then already of a steel. In the manipulator there are not enough freedom degrees, but simple operations can be carried out. Depending on the application purposes it will be possible to finish a manipulator design.



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    is there at all an .ipt file that we could download on fusion or inventor?

    is this ever gonna be in production? because i really wanna buy one:)

    Can you please explain its making or just give the part's list with dimension.....

    It will be cool and very easy to use this as a poker))

    I really want to buy this thing if it is available!

    Is it possible you could post the files in SLDPRT format? I was able to locate some of the specs from your site, but some areas are missing dimensions and are difficult to recreate with how complex they can be.

    Dang, the video link is blocked in america :/ Well regardless I love the pictures!

    any ideas for nerve sensors and motors?You could be a BILLIONAIRE!!:)

    Yeaaah, isn't this how Skynet learned how to create the Terminator.

    See these sites:

    Are you considering releasing your CAD files? I would love to do something like this, very well done for a prototype. Keep at it!

    It may not be a final product, but it looks very cool.

    How is it controlled and powered?