Med and Note Tote (for the Child Who Comes With Instructions)

Introduction: Med and Note Tote (for the Child Who Comes With Instructions)

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I happen to have 4 children, 3 of whom have special needs of one extent or another.  2 of those kids, including one of the ones with special needs, travels to a different home for visits with their birth mother.   Perhaps you have kids with allergies who go to their other parent's home, or a child with a medical condition who goes to overnights at Auntie or Grandma's.   Enter:  The Med and Note Tote!

For this project, I used:

A  3 ring binder with fabric zipper cover and  pockets that my 13 year old was done with (covered in graffiti, of course)
Some leftover pink sparkly fabric I had laying around
Random pipe cleaners and iron on Princess thingy
Med storage containers (I went with enough for a.m. and p.m. meds for 4 weeks- totally adaptable for your needs)
Spray adhesive
Hot glue gun and glue sticks for it

Printed out and filled in calendar page
Printed out and filled in information sheets

1, I used the spray adhesive to put the fabric on the binder, and trimmed it to fit.
2. Trimmed it out with hot glue gun and pipe cleaners, and iron on Princess Patch
3.  Set up med cases in the back of the binder so that they could be opened and closed, and glued those down with hot glue
4. Filled med cases for the month (I did it this way so the two moms didn't have to worry about who had which meds, etc- the case  goes back and forth with the child).
5.  Put filled out calendar, emergency info, med info, and copies of legal papers into page protectors and into binder
6.  Put a notebook and pen inside a pouch so that the parents could write info back and forth as needed

That's it!  The Med and Note Tote is ready to rock and roll!  There are pockets to put school flyers, medical insurance cards, etc as well.  It's an easy model to customize to any child's interests (this one is into Princesses and pink, obviously), and could easily have sections for therapy exercises, feeding instructions, and so forth as well.

Thanks for reading!  This is my first attempt at a be gentle with me :-)

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