Media Center Door Upgrade

Introduction: Media Center Door Upgrade

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do you have a cabinet to store your TVR, Cable Box, PS3, Xbox, Stereo - but don't want to use it because or have to keep the doors open so the IR remotes will work - and keep the temp down?

This is a crazy easy upgrade - and so worth it

Step 1: Deconstruct

take off the old doors -
and cut out the center panels of the doors.

I used a 3/8 in drill bit, and a Scroll saw.

Step 2: Insert Fabric

you need some IR transparent fabric:

that is what I used....

rough cut to the size of the door - and use the scrap wood from the door panels to hold the frabric in place.

trim the excess fabric - and you are ready to use your media center - with the doors closed

Step 3: Final

put the doors back on


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    6 years ago

    Awesome idea and it looks great!