Media Corner (Use Drywall to Hide Cables)




Introduction: Media Corner (Use Drywall to Hide Cables)

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Idea was to hide cables that I found very annoying, and to make some extra features that will make living room more pleasant place.
So I designed drywall that would serve that purpose.

I did not conducted operations myself, because I was short with time, but that would not be a problem.

You will need (not sure for terminology, but you will figure it out):
- Drywall plates, aluminium battens, screws with anchors.
- Modular outlets and switches.
- Cable hole seals.
- Cables.
- Halogen lamps (optional).
- Drill, cutters, scalpel, screwdrivers, plaster material and some other tools.

Just follow images and read tagged area notes.

Feel free to ask me questions if something is not clear enough.

One thing that I forgot to implement here is setting wires for audio surround system. :-(



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