Mediated Virtuality

About: Can Buyukberber is a visual artist working on immersive audiovisual experiences that’s embodied both in physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with different mediums and disp...

Mediated Virtuality is an interactive mixed new media and site-specific installation that explores the spectrum of reality-virtuality continuum that ranges between completely "virtual" and completely "real" reality. Consisting of multiple digitally fabricated sculptural objects as a part of spatial installation and interactive elements that activates the projections and the experience in virtual reality headset, the work brings together the use of innovative techniques such was virtuality reality, hand tracking, projection mapping and 3d printing in a unique way that speculates a near future that will blur the line between physical and conceptual.

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Step 1: Previsualization & Renderings

Step 2: Building the Forms

Step 3: Bringing Physical and Virtual Together

Step 4: Installation

Step 5: Documentation

Step 6:

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