Mediatek LinkIT ONE Mp3 Player




Introduction: Mediatek LinkIT ONE Mp3 Player

I recently received a MediaTek LinkIT One and i have a goal to try out all of the features of the board.

so today we are looking at the audio section. how better to play with an audio out than a music player!!!

Full disclosure, this board was sent to me by MediaTek for me to play with.

Video of it working here:

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Step 1: The Parts

Here is what i used

Mediatek LinkIT One:

Adafruit RGB LCD shied:

A Blazer Beacon speaker (only using the line in feature):

Optional SD card.

The MediaTek LinkIT One is an amazing board with loads of power, memory etc... but where it really stands out are its "sensors" this thing has GPS, GPRS,GSM,Bluetooth, Wifi and Lipo charging and monitoring on board along with being arduino compatible.

The Adafruit LCd backback is really cool. it allows you to add a screen and 5 buttons to any i2c compatible board using only 4 wires, i2c (2 wires) and power and ground. this makes it very easy to work with and add on to a project like this.

The Blazar speaker was used because its what i had on hand with a line in. i did not use the Bluetooth audio features.

the SD card is optional as i used the 10mb on internal storage on the board.

Note. Put the board in MS mode (memory storage) to do this it allows you to drop files on the internal storage once the files are copied change it back to uart so you can talk to it..

Also if you need to access the SD card flip the other switch to SD.

Step 2: The Code

Not much to say here really, i used the Adafruit lib for the screen and the LAudio one for the mp3 bits,

then i mapped the buttons to the play pause and stop functions

Step 3: What It Does?

Basically it plays tracks from the internal storage and the buttons are the transport controls.

please let me know if you have any questions!!


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    4 Discussions

    Gerald Strope
    Gerald Strope

    4 years ago

    You used an Arduino shield which uses 5 volts on the signal pins with a Linkit One that uses 3.3 volts. How can that work??

    Gerald Strope


    Reply 4 years ago

    The arduino has a 3.3v out and the link it has a 5v out. It seems to have been designed to work

    Gerald Strope
    Gerald Strope

    4 years ago

    You used an Arduino shield which expects 5 volts on the signal pins with the Linkit that expects 3.3 volts. how can that work?

    Super Pixle Man
    Super Pixle Man

    4 years ago

    This is very cool! Great job!

    I'm sure there is, but have you found a way to display the song's metadata (title, author, album, etc.)? I'm also wondering if this can loop or shuffle.