Mediatek Linkit for Beginners

Introduction: Mediatek Linkit for Beginners

About: Thank you instructables!!

It is development board similar to arduino but a little different because for networking you need not to add additional gsm shield it contains many features given as below :-

  1. It has inbuilt gsm,gps,bluetooth and wifi functions.
  2. It supports sd card and sim car without any external gadget
  3. coding is similar
  4. Works on arduino IDE
  5. Battery within the package
  6. Better processing unit
  7. Easy for people using arduino
  8. and many more.........

I had not spent 69$ on it but I had got it from instructables website in the mediatek linkit one giveaway the board was given to 250 people! Thanks to Penoply Bulnick and instructables for this!!!! :-) I will make 4 projects in this month beginning with introduction! Enjoy!!

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Step 1: Battery With Precautions

The rechargeable battery was given within the box.We can use any battery with output voltage between 3.7 volt to 4.2 volts.When you insert the battery in the socket ,slide the switch to BAT on power slide switch,you would notice one green L.E.D will start glowing giving indication that battery is fine.

Don't pull or push the battery plug too hard.It may damage the socket as well as plug!

Step 2: Pins

It is having the power pins on left side with battery socket as reference the upper portion contains power switches and the lower one contains analog switches named A0,A1 etc. for PIR or Hc-SR04 sensors

The right side consists of digital pins up to D13.For switches and others.

The central portion contains two off-white ports for LCD display and display outputs.

Step 3: Swtiches

It is having 3 switches

  1. Power supply- Set to USB while coding and to battery if you are using battery or we can use it as a switch for switching ON and OFF
  2. UART and MS-Slide to UART while coding
  3. SD and SPI-Depending on which storage you are using.

Step 4: Sim Car and SD Card

Insert a full sized SIM card in upper compartment and push the SD card in lower compartment.

Step 5: Installing Arduino IDE

Download the arduino IDE from arduino website.I prefer to use 1.5.6 r2 because you need to install Linkit One SDK in board manager if you've installed 1.5.7 and later versions.Download and install it.

Step 6: Installing Linkit One SDK

Download it from the website of mediatek labs and install it choose arduino folder when it asks the place where to store the program files.After installing download the guide from the same website mentioned above.Read it carefully before doing any sort of usage of board.

Step 7: Setting Board

Open the arduino software and under toolschoose Linkit One. Then connect the board to your PC and let the drivers to be installed.After installation open Start>Devices and Printers>Check any new hardware>Properties>Check the COM ports>Keep in mind the "Board Port" not the "Modem Port".Open arduino software and under tools choose port and select the "Board port" number for e.g COM4.

Step 8: Done!

Now you are all set , start coding now and make something that's awesome.You can get examples of code from the arduino software under file and then select examples and then do it further according to your choice.Check out Blinking L.E.D project!! I'll make many other project using this board!

Happy Making !!

Happy Halloween in advance!

Good Bye!

Thank you!

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    Nice. Very informative tutorial!