Medical Kit for Childrens

Introduction: Medical Kit for Childrens

About: I make electronic art and craft projects! I aspire to become a mechanical engineer.

Maker: Naveen d.

Location: Banjarapalya DEFY Maker space.


1. white cardboard

2. pencil

3. paper tape

4. wire tape and 2 screw


1. seezer

Step 1: Squar Box

1. Take a one white board and mark with pencil in square shape in board into six box.

Step 2: Sticking the Box

1. Take a five cut peaces join together as shown in image using the glue gun.

Step 3: Lock System for Kit

1. remaining one peace take that and cut a small peace of white board as in image.

2. Take a screw 2 take a small peace and fix it with the screw as shown in image.

Step 4: Design to Kit

1. Take red wire tape and paste to the kit in this design and keep first aid materials in the kit.

This completes your medical kit project you can make a gift to your children or other children.



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    2 years ago

    Nice try! However, it should be 'children' instead of 'childrens' in your title. Children itself is plural.