Medicine Bottle LED Flashlight

Introduction: Medicine Bottle LED Flashlight

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Hello. Here is another flashlight out of a medicine bottle that I made for my sister. It is bright, and uses common AA batteries.

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Step 1: Materials

  1. White 5mm LED's
  2. Medicine bottle
  3. 1-10 Ohm resistor
  4. Brads
  5. Paper clip
  6. Wire
  7. Battery holder
  8. 2 AA batteries
  9. Hot glue gun or soldering iron

Step 2: Building the Flashlight

Drill two holes for each LED side by side. There will be four LED's, so there will be eight holes. Put the LED's into the holes. Twist the positive leads together, and the negative leads together. Now for the switch. I don't have switches lying around, so I use this switch by coolrobot. Put the paper clip on the cap and mark the ends of the paper clip. Poke one hole on each mark. Then put the brads into the holes and put the paper clip between them. Take the battery holder, and solder or glue the positive (red) wire to brad one. Solder or glue on end of the resistor to brad two and the other end to the positive of the LED's. Take the negative wire of the battery holder and solder or glue it to the negative of the LED's. Screw the cap onto the bottle and turn it on. If it doesn't work, check the connections. In the first pictures, you will see that I spaced the holes wrong. Therefore, the two outer LED's are crooked. That means that I got something resembling a floodlight with 3 spots of light.

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