How to Build a Medieval Castle (Set Extension)

Introduction: How to Build a Medieval Castle (Set Extension)

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Tyler shows you how to build a miniature medieval castle piece, for pleasure, gaming, set extensions, and more!

Materials Needed:
Foam Board - 8' x 4' @ 1" thick - $15 at Lowe's
Carving Tools (Knife, etc)
Spray Bottle 
Acrylic Paints - $10



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This is our first Instructables! We'd love to know what you all think, and what you'd like to see us do in the future. Hopefully, we'll be making many, many more of these.

Let us know what you think we can do better, too! We'd love your input.

You should do a tutorial on how you composited the castles into the video

This was the only size i found at the thickness i wanted to work with. You can always ask if they have anything smaller. Try local Hardware stores as well, or check to see if anyone has any scraps. check construction zones where houses have been demolished, they may have a bunch that they are throwing away.

Thank you so much it really helps! Can you get anything smaller?

Hi brony4life!

I made the main castle out of 1" foam board from Lowe's. You can get a 4' x 8' sheet for $15. If you don't already have paint, you should be able to get a whole pack of assorted acrylic paints for around $10.

Lastly, not sure if it was clear, but in the video teaser and the wrap-up at the beginning and end, both castle ruins seen are really just the same castle I built in the video, just turned different ways :)

Hope that helps! Good building!

What did you say you made the main castle out of? How much did you pay at lowes? Thanks