Medusa Fascinator

Introduction: Medusa Fascinator

I was having all kinds of trouble with a costume this year and finally settled on Medusa.  I didn’t want to use a knit cap with snakes sewn on it, so I came up with this idea.

Supplies needed:

1 fat quarter or material remnant
1 yard netting
1 hair comb
Heavy interfacing
Small plastic snakes
All purpose thread
Button thread
Hand sewing needle
Sewing machine
Cereal bowl/paper/pencil

Trace outline of cereal bowl and cut out pattern.

I decided to machine embroider a snake face on my hat so my next step was to hoop the material and do the embroidery before cutting out the material.  I do not remember where I got this particular pattern.  You could hand embroider a snake face when the hat is complete or skip the face altogether if you like.  Hannibal decided to supervise.

Fold material and pin on pattern piece.  Cut out material.  You should have two fabric circles.  Choose the heaviest interfacing you can find.  I used embroidery stabilizer.  I’ve read about people using cardstock or cardboard, but I preferred this method.  I cut two circles.  One probably would have been enough.

Put right sides of material together and sandwich between interfacing.  Sew a quarter inch seam around the outside leaving an approximate 2 ½ inch gap at the back.  Turn hat right side out and fold remaining edges inside hat.  Either slip stitch or machine stitch opening closed.

Fold a narrow dart or triangle from center to back edge to give the hat some shape.  Either machine stitch or hand sew in place.  If using the sewing machine, be careful.  This will be thick and it would be very easy to break or bend your needle (as I did).

I decided to add a tongue using narrow bias tape.

Since I wasn’t sure how much netting I was going to want to use, I cut a small slit in the material for the tongue and slipped it thru the opening.  I folded the remaining netting around the hat.

I arranged the folds around the hat and used a safety pin to hold the netting in place.  I then used button thread to tack down the netting, and then removed the safety pin.  I pulled one fold out to come back over the face as a veil.  You could also attach a separate piece of netting as a veil.

I laid the hat out with the veiling spread out to determine the placement of the snakes.  I attached the snakes with thread looped several times around the bodies.  I did not attempt to force a needle thru the snake bodies.

Attach hair comb to underside of the hat.  I chose to attach to the front, but you may want to change the placement depending upon your hairstyle.

I couldn’t get a good picture of me wearing the hat, but will add one when I get a chance.

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