Fantasy Masquerade

Here in Kansas City, Missouri there are always Fund Raisers on or close to Halloween, A couple years ago well maybe four, I got to go. Though I rented the dress. A Periwinkle Blue 1920's lace.  I still needed a mask to go with it.
Also I was building so it would fit over my glasses.
1. Buckrum- This is a stiff open weave material that you can wet, mold to a shape allow to dry and thus have a hard shape of the form that is very light weight as well..
Most fabric stores will have it. In both White or Black.
2 Fabric or fabrics to match outfit. I needed to match to a Periwinkle color. A straight up match is divine. But I needed Periwinkle So I bought small amounts of sheer and solid fabrics which layered over each other created a match for color and texture.
3, Fabric glue.  Fabritac or Gemtac are two very good to use. Both dry clear. and can be used to glue layers of fabric and add jewels.
4.You are building it directly on your Buckrum form.  You have already cut out eye holes. If to accommodate glasses often the size of eye holes need to work with that.
5. You can sew to the Buckrum and Cut it to size to be comfortable.
6. For the 20's era I built a flapper head dress. And attached the mask to it so there were no ribbons or elastic

The final mask. Mermaid Green. Built directly on a cheap mask Basic white half mask from local Halloween store. The glue listed above. Sheer fabric. ( most stores let you buy 1/4 of a yard don't over buy) bits of trim all cheap and a small round mirror. Eyes are filled with one layer of sheer fabric to disguise eye/glasses. Can be bobby pined into hair up-do or elastic or even the extra fabric can be tied.



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