Medusa Costume

medusa the greek gorgon and African queen, priestess and goddess of Libya


Step 1: Staff

lst buy a stick .i bought my bamboo shaft from Michaels that normally eight dollars without the forty percent of coupon. I then cut out a paper draft of the thre snakes i wanted after i did my research.i settled on king cobra, viper and black mamba. after i cut the paper i yhen cut out cardboard and duct tape it to the stick from there i cut a thin sheet of wood from michaels and put it behind the cardboard.

Step 2:

i then used expanded foam from home depot ( be careful,this is the second time i used this..please wear gloves and will pass out and that stuff doesnt get off ur carpet or hands)...from spraying both sides i then mounted the sphere and expanded foam it so it wont fall off. i shaved with a cutter the shape i wanted from each snake. ( do this under A TRASH bag its very very very messy and it ruins vaccuum)

Step 3:

i papermached it...i think i should had donr plaster instead because papermache doesnt sticl to foam. i somehiw got it to stick after the third time wrapping it. papermache i used water floor and glue and newspaper i found in the mailbox...i then gesso iy to prepare to spray it.

Step 4: Staff Finish

i then sprayed black paint all over ..several coats andthen added gelatin scales. the scales on the staff is also used on my collarbones, arm, and chest. the scales are one part coloring part glycerin and one half parts of water.

Step 5: Dress

1. saram wraP ur mannequin then duct tape it...draw the design you want then cut it out. lay the design on the fabric with 5.8 gift seam. i bought the fabric at spandex world , make sure all ur scales are going the right way. i made the dress unti two separate pieces so i can change the top if i want. i made the gloves the same way.

Step 6: Skirt Train

since my mannequin can only go so far and i want to be able to walk, i made a mermaid train...i cut out a slightly tattered squarw of my fabric and pin it to the skirt. it made it easy towalk and made me seem more sinster.

Step 7: Headdress

headdress: lst measure ur head width , height and depth
.cut16 gauge wire from Michaels from half a inch more than u measured. get your mannequim head and place the wire on there...bind them together using a 22 gauge wire from gauge jewelry section. ..then wrap the wire in base tape or corset base tape. from there take extra small wires and oval it to resemeble the cpnra hood or crown. Add spandex over the wire ovals and sew. Then add mirrors, rope, skulls, tassels ,beads, flowers, and moleskin fabric to be your veil.

Step 8: Finish : Accessories and Paint

add scales ,jewelry to bring your outfit out. i have scales on my chest, arm, hands and collarbones. i have on two bellydancing belts, two ankle bracelets, two bronze cleopatra cuffs, one snake choker, four more necklaces, septum , silver hoops , arm cuffs and rings. The bodypainy was a trial and error, i used green mehron, purple mehron, purple snazaro, black snazaroo, ud electric palette, katvon dee black lipstick, mac royal blue lipstick, and green snazaroo. top off thr look with cat eye contacta to guve me the reptile feel.



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    3 years ago

    I remember you! Your costume looked awesome! I may or may not try to replicate it later.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Awwe u must have went to ren faire last weekend...thank yoyuu ....go ahead XD


    3 years ago

    Wow, your costume turned out awesome! Great job. Thank you for sharing!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Awww thank you and no probleeemm