Meet Coffee Cup Robot!




Introduction: Meet Coffee Cup Robot!

Meet Cough E. Cup. He is a regular coffee cup that was turned into a robot because 2 technicians (Narcisse & Kurreem) had absolutely nothing better to do at the moment.
Cough E. Cup is complete with a coffee cup, motor, 9V battery, screws, and LED's and even antenna's.
Cough E. Cup became an instant sensation in the robotics field. The ladies love him, he takes down mountain dews, and just has this one of a kind walk.You'll get a nice charge from this.  When I say everybody loves coffee cup robot, I mean everybody loves coffee cup robot!
Any questions about Cough E. Cup will be answered in the comments.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Fun project. Unfortunelly the video quality is not good. Tks.