Meet Luther...(Antique Restoration)




Intro: Meet Luther...(Antique Restoration)

  This is Luther. He is art of some kind. From what research I could gather these cats are always kept to invite luck, wealth, longevity and happiness to your environment. not sure of the country of origin.  I acquired him from my Dad a while back. He had been at my Grandparents house before they passed. My dad cannot remember not having Luther,  Which makes him 60 + years old. In those 60yrs he has not aged well. His wood has lost its luster and looks constantly dirty. i have decided to restore him a bit. Might not be the most interesting instructable, but he means a lot to me and I haven't published in a while. So here goes...
  This was a simple fix. First i used a liquid sander to wipe away all the years of dirt and age. i was trying to get him as back to square one as i could. once i got there he was still a bit blotchy so i added a wood finisher with some golden oak color to him. it gave him a deep even color and really brought out the color of the grain.
  i am happy to see Luther so happy. i still have plans to replace his right eye. once i do i will repost
thanks for reading



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I've never seen one of these cats before either . What is the liquid sander you are talking about ?