"Meet the Flinstones of Ferdinand"




One evening while with friends we started talking about the Flinstones.  Everyone said how much my husband Fred looks like Fred Flinstone.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO we decide to go as Fred, Wilma and Dino and our friends decided to be Barney and Betty Rubble. So after searching for costumes and looking at prices I decide I could make them.

 First for Fred’s  costume I took  orange bath towels ,sewed then together and cut the armholes and neckline out and jagged the bottom edge, then I took some teal fabric and made a tie. I took a black pair of pants and made them into shorts using the black fabric for triangles.

I found some curtains made out of a brown-suede-like material for Barney. I cut the neck armhole and bottom out.  Then  I took black shoe strings for the neckline.

 For Wilma I took a white sweatshirt,  cut the bottom hem off cut the neckline one arm and sewed the bottom edge on the top for a nice fitting neckline. The skirt was a pair of shorts I made into a skirt and cut the edges in a Flinstone  way .

For Betty's outfit I took a blue dress cut the tiebacks out of the seam. I then took the seams out and then ironed them sewed them together to make a nice size piece of fabric. This made the top of Betty's dress I took some black leather from the Zebra seat covers to make the neckline and a seashell for the jewelry.

I took Zebra seatcovers  torn them apart and made Wilma and Betty a shawl  by lining them with fleece material for comfort and warmth.

Dinos’s costumes was modified by adding more spots and make a few changes .

It was fun-filled creative time. I loved designing them form things I already had. I estimate it cost about 50 dollars for all five costumes .




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