Sphere/Globe Kitchen ***My Biggest Project Ever***





Introduction: Sphere/Globe Kitchen ***My Biggest Project Ever***

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

In 2004 i bought my house and i wanted to rebuild everything... so kitchen is the mainplace in a house so i decided to put that kitchen to an other level of diying :)

Step 1: Demolition an Re-building Room for Kitchen

2 years for demolition and rebuilding... see the photos for the step by step

Step 2: Demolition an Re-building Room for Kitchen Part 2

Step 3: Planing and Design

I dont have skills in paintshop or other drawprograms so i choosed Microsoft paint to do my drawings

Step 4: Building the Mold

I needed a mold to produce my 120 diameter bowls, so we started on building with plaster and styrofoam plates. see the photos for step by step.

after the mold was ready i taped some orange foil over it so i can easily remove the finished piece and redo an other one without destroying or damaging the mold

Step 5: Building the Bowls

i cutted glasfibermats in triangles and nailed them on to the mold, thought this way it would be easier to do and would also be stronger, after all was covered i used resin to harden the glasfibermats... i had to do 2 identical bowls... unfortunately one broke i did the wrong mix with resin and hardener so infact in total i build 3 bowls :)

Step 6: Reinforce Bottom Bowl

in the bottom bowl i had to make some reinforcement and to permit to set in the sink, hob etc...so i used betonplexplate and builded a frame to screw the mole on, to save some weight i cutted out unneeded space of the betonplex

Step 7: Smooth Over and Filler, Sanding and Primer

So i started to fill all with carputty, layer by layer until i got a smooth surface, wetsanding and putty again and again... and sanding, and putty and sanding, and putting...the bottom bowl was pretty fast done, because i just had one side, but the topbowl was more to do because i wanted to add the extractor hood in to that bowl, i had to smooth and fill the inner side and the ouside of the bowl... so all again.. putty and sanding, putting and sanding... finally after 3 months (only worked on weekends) the results were good enought to get the bowls painted

Step 8: Cupboard

In the kitchen room i buildet a wall where i wanted to place the Cupboard an where i could set in the oven.

In fact that was the easiest part of the hole kitchen. i took beechwood and added (glued on) some black plexiglas fronts

Step 9: Bottomj-Bowl Plate

So i had to cut out the sink, the hob, a bucket and a hole for the powercable. I used two planks glued them togetter and reinforced by srewing aluminium bars under the plate

Step 10: Paintjob

that was pretty easy, primer and 3 layers of black carcolor and finally 3 layers of protective lacquer

Step 11: Finish

Meanwile the room was ready and we could mount everything... it took us 2 weekends to get all in place.

I mounted a electric cable in the seeling so i could lift the top bowl from the bottom to the top of 4 meters or higher, see photos :)... when i am not cooking, i let the bowl closed, and when i want to cook i just lift by pressing a button

It took us more then 3 years in total, but i was so excited that my ideas and drawings become reality ;)

One note for everyone, like i already mentioned my english is very very worse,...all appologies ;)



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    13 Discussions

    Wonderful project. Realy wonderful. Thank you so much. I really like your design and your choice.


    1 year ago

    Very nice. While I will never try to duplicate your design, you did give me a lot of great ideas for other designs. And the material usage was nice to see. Thumbs Up for sure.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Wow! That's amazing work. The design is so bold and modern and the demolition would have been difficult in my mind to see the end vision from. Lots of time and care went into this, I can tell. Well done!

    1 reply

    Many thanks... ittook a lot of time but the result was worth doing it

    Great imagination to application ! Everything worth doing takes patience - job well done.

    1 reply

    may sound strange, actually, will sound strange..you do notice all the orbs in most of your pictures, right? Just in casev you believe in the paranormal...anyhow..great work!...complete turn around

    1 reply

    This is amazing. Very very beautiful! I really love all of your original ideas... Thanks for sharing

    1 reply