Mega Mechanical Mountain

Step 1: Coaster

First build the firestorm freefall knex roller coaster the correct way you need two exact copies of the firestorm freefall coaster

Step 2: Cars

Take three mini cars and connect them all together and the piece that grabs the chain remove that from all cars except the fist car. Now the firestorm freefall coaster cars and connect them together and remove the same piece.

Step 3: Extended Lift

Now the lift you take the gear thing and put it in the air instead of néer the track

Step 4: Extended Lift 2

Now make an other gear pully same as the last one and pull it back 2 and 1/2 track length and place it. And run the chain

Step 5: Track Extend

On both sides of the coaster extend the track 2 tracks with the u turn

Step 6: Loading Platform

This is the start of the platform I will update as I get ideas on how to finish this part

Step 7: Spare Coaster Dock Platform

One track length and the rest is easy to see

Step 8: Required Details Design

It's is just four mini purple rods

Step 9: Double Mega Mechanical Mountain. Mountain Logo

Basically two big triangles



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    5 years ago

    Looks good!

    ...And I see you have a Nerf Stampede... :3


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Take 3 extra seconds out of your day to make sure you aren't sneezing when you take pictues.