Mega Pizza Bites

Introduction: Mega Pizza Bites

About: Hi my name is donovan. Please folow. And im 14

This is going to show you how to make mega pizza bites

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Step 1: Miterials

2 pieces of bread
Shredded cheese
Taco sauce or actual pizza doesnt matter
Biscuit maker (cookie cutters will work just fine)
And pepperoni. If u like it

Step 2: Building

First put some sauce on the bread then spread it with your finger
Then put cheese on it

Step 3: Heating

Heat it in microwave for 15 seconds

Step 4: Finishing

Put another piece of bread on
Then smash the breads with the biscuit maker
Last take of the unneeded parts of the masterpiece

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    5 years ago

    The food you post are pretty good too