Mejorando La Salamandra (Improving the Salamander)

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La pasada semana le hice una mejora a la salamandra de mi taller, debido a que al ser la puerta muy alta, si bien eso era una ventaja para limpiarla por dentro, se volvía un inconveniente al querer alimentarla con leña mientras estaba encendida.

Hice cortar la puerta horizontalmente un poco por encima de la mitad, quedando una puerta en dos secciones que me permite abrirla de dos maneras diferentes: completa para iniciar el fuego, y la puerta chica de arriba para seguirla alimentando. 

Creo que las fotos no requieren mayores explicaciones.


Last week I did an upgrade to the salamander in my shop, because the door to be very high, although it that was a plus for cleaning the inside, it became a problem when wanting to feed it while firing on.

I cut the door horizontally a little above the middle, leaving a door in two sections which allows me to open it in two different ways: full to start the fire, and the small door above to follow feeding.

I think the photos do not require further explanation.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting, I did not know that. At least in my case, the modification solves the problem completely. Thanks for comment.