Meliorator, My Dream Non-profit

Hello Viewers,

As I said my name is Adam Williams and I will shortly have a bachelors in business management and a bachelors in finance from University of Kentucky. I was born on July 21, 1991 making me 21. I have a strong network of working professionals that would help with construction as well as a network of shops that would sell the produced goods.

The hardest part in starting this company up is the first trip. After I can make a trip and help a village I will have two huge things going for this company, legitimacy and a product. I have tried getting donations and fund raising but the issue is that in the age of cyber scandal people are not very trusting. So after I have photos and videos from a village being helped I will have proof of legitimacy. Secondly after the first trip there will be a product to sell which will help curb the need of donations and fundraising. I plan on marketing these products in any local owned shops and online. Each product will include a link the the website and the names of the persons that directly worked on that good. The consumer can the go to the site and look up those persons bios and know not only did they send money to charity but know exactly to whom it went. So the $25,000 will help with this first trip and the initial start up fee's. The money won in the contest will pave to road to Meliorators success and to continued support and aid in 3rd world countries.

Thank you for your time and consideration,



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    You don't have to go overseas to do this - I'm sure there are people stuck in a poverty and/or welfare cycle in your own city right now who would love some help. There are also people in your own city with a few extra bucks in their pocket that would be happy to buy a locally made good, especially if they knew they were helping a struggling neighbor. For a drastically smaller start up cost you could prove your concept and have a much easier job of fundraising afterwards (if you still needed to,) possibly even attracting a philanthropy minded venture capitalist.